You might be asking, “What on earth is a tool library?”  Well, a tool library is just like a book library, but instead of novels folks borrow nail guns, instead of  biographies there’s bolt cutters, instead of dictionaries, drills …. you get the picture.  It’s not books, it’s tools!   And what about “skills exchange,” you might be wondering.  A skills exchange is a place (or often a yearly event) where people teach skills they have to folks who want to learn, folks learn skills they wanted or needed but have not had access to. Lots of us in our community have abilities and knowledge to share. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a place where that happened all year long?

That’s the Tool Shed!   No more will you have to go buy that pressure washer or ask your friend if you can keep it in her garage.  You can decide to do that project you’ve been putting off because you didn’t want to buy that expensive tool you’d never use again, or one you don’t know how to use.   Not only will we have the tools you need, we’ll share the skills you need to care for and use them.

The Tool Shed hosts a Fix-It Cafe, where a group of folks who love to tinker and know how to repair things hang out. If you bring in your toaster or fan or [insert your broken something-or-other here], the Fixers will take a look and see what they can do.  And they’ll show you what they’re doing, so you can learn too. We meet at various locations, right now every Tuesday from 5pm at Thimbleberry, just off of San Juan and 35th. Watch our Facebook Page for voting to change time and dates. Hope to see you at the next Fix-It Café.

Check out our Join the Fun tab to see how you can help the Tool Shed!


Please email call us at (360) 207-1845 if you have any questions.

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    • Awesome! So glad to have you in town. You can email us at We’re working toward opening our doors but would love to get support in whatever ways folks can. Thanks.

      Sherri, Jeremy, Ric, and Amelia
      Tool Shed Team

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